Hey There, for the past 25 years I have worked for large retailers selling “home” products. I really enjoyed my past career and have the reputation of being a very  knowledgeable “home retailers”especially in the tabletop/giftware area.

I have seen the inefficiencies that are inherent with large companies. I have seen the mistakes made and believe our website can minimize those errors and therefore offer our customers an excellent, “no hassle” shopping experience

Shoppedeals began 6 years ago  as a hobby. We sell only first quality products at a very sharp price and our customer service and packing are second to none.

We have now decided, based on our recent success this past year, to focus more on this website and start offering other excellent products.

The advantage we have over the larger website’s is simply our overhead is low and we pass on the savings to our customers and we work harder and smarter.

At we take customer service seriously and we look forward to finding new products to interest our very loyal customer base. when  marketing “gurus” look at our business, what jumps out at them is the high percentage of repeat buyers we have at shoppedeals. That fact is “proof positive” that our customers love our products and service.

Thanks for reading and we look forward to providing you with exceptional products in the future


Thanks Kevin + jeff




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